Thank you guys for everything! I appreciate the hard work!”

R.M. (Personal Injury Client – Auto Accident)

“You guys did a very good job and always provided fast service for our case. We are very pleased with how things turned out for us. If we ever need an attorney again, we are coming back to you! We would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a lawyer! Thank you for everything!"

E.W. (Personal Injury Client – Auto Accident)

“Thank you so much for everything you and your office staff have done. You have been so helpful. Your representation was above and beyond what we expected to receive!”

R.B. (Personal Injury Client – Auto Accident)

"All I have to say about my experience with attorney Lien Tram and her team are good things. They are very professional and courteous, always attentive to me and always making time to assist me even at night or weekends, even when I could not go to her office she came to my house. They made me feel their support at all times. I felt confident to see for myself how Lien fights for her clients and of course we won the case. I 100% recommend the services of the attorney Lien Tram."

Z.B. (Personal Injury Client--Premise Liability)

"The team and Attorney Lien Tram were more than courteous and highly supportive but also were strong when things got a little tough. The attorney impressed me from start to finish and continues to do so. I would highly recommend her and her team to anyone needing assistance with a personal injury case."

J.R. (Personal Injury Client -- Auto Accident)

"Lien tended to our case with patience, care, understanding and dedication. She listened to our wishes pushed them through despite all the obstacles the defense kept sending our way. Lien and team are a class act and we'll gladly recommend them to all our friends."

D.Y. (Personal Injury Client -- Auto Accident)

"Something that sets Lien apart for me is that she got started in defense and then moved to plaintiff work, so she understands and has experience on both sides. I also appreciate Lien's integrity and dedication. She works with you every step of the way (night and day), and is always available to hear you and answer your questions. I think this level of care is rare. I've even heard her on calls with old clients just to catch-up! Lien is a very professional yet assertive lawyer, and I truly feel she fights for her clients."

E.L. (Personal Injury Client -- Auto Accident)

"I was in a car accident that was not my fault. I retained Lien as my lawyer and she took care of everything. From helping me find doctors to the phone meetings I would have with her, Lien always had time for me. Lien helped me get through it all. I am so thankful to her and her staff. They are great. I would recommend Lien Tram to everyone. She is always there for you and cares. Give Lien a call if you need a lawyer--you will be happy that you did! Thank you Lien for all that you did for me."

P.V. (Personal Injury Client--Auto Accident)

"My father is doing very well and is living with my brother out in Illinois.  He asked me to  extend his gratitude to you for winning the law suit for him . Thanks to you, the money you won for my Dad has enabled him not to be dependent on my brother and allowed him  to buy supplemental insurance in order to take care of  the many health issues he is  currently faced with.  His spirit is still very strong and he still talks about you to people who he comes across. we are all deeply grateful to you for all you have done for our father to keep him alive and well."

N.L. (Personal Injury Client -- Auto vs. Pedestrian)

"The accident I was in caused me a psychological state of depression. I didn't want to care for myself or my kids. At the time, I didn't believe in psychiatric treatment and didn't have the energy to see anyone for care. Lien's phone calls and visits helped motivate me to seek care and she helped me research for a good doctor near my house. Thankfully, the treatment helped and I was able to get back to myself! My family is happier because I am well and I am very happy with the monetary compensation that I received."

M.H. (Personal Injury Client -- Auto Accident)

"Ms. Tram was a very dependable, trustworthy, responsible, caring, all around excellent lawyer. I could not have asked for a more perfect resolution to my case!"

P.P. (Personal Injury Client--Auto Accident)

"My husband and I are both working professionals. In 2009, we were rear ended by a truck just a few days after I had given birth to my son. We were badly injured in the accident. I sustained nerve damage after the impact because I was sitting in the back and was hit the hardest from the impact. My husband also had injuries to his spine and neck. Due to the need to care for our newborn son, we did not have time to seek legal counsel. We attempted to negotiate with the insurance company but were not successful. The insurance company was very unreasonable and they did everything they could to undermine our claims. Fortunately, we surfed the internet and were able to find the Law Offices of Lien Tram to represent us on the last month of the two year statute of limitations. Attorney Lien Tram immediately filed a lawsuit against the insurance company. Lien and her staff also helped us seek proper medical treatment for our injuries. We eventually settled out of court with the insurance company for so much more than the original amount they offered. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Lien Tram for her professionalism and expertise. Lien offers the best legal service and she truly cares for her clients. It’s extremely rare to find an attorney like Lien. Choosing the Law Offices of Lien Tram to represent you is the very best choice you can make for your personal injury case."

J.N. and M.N. (Personal Injury Clients—Auto Accident)

"Dearest Lien,

Thank you for everything! I was truly shattered after the accident and did not know who to turn to for help. Thank you for making such a devastating event so much easier to cope with. You are my life saver. I will definitely come back if I run into any problems that I will need your expert advice on."

I.D. (Personal Injury Client—Auto Accident)

"Having Lien Tram represent our interests in our Personal Injury matter was the best decision we made.  Organized, sympathetic, respectful, professional…the list goes on.  The best part is that this matter could have gone on longer but because of Ms. Tram’s expertise and knowledge of the insurance agencies and their procedures, it was easy.  I can honestly say we felt no pressure during what could have been a very difficult process.  She is factual and to the point.  Easy to communicate with and if anyone knows, the most difficult part of going through a process like this is when you are not able to communicate with your lawyer.  WE LOVE HER and she is now part of our family!  Thank you Lien Tram for bringing a little peace and comfort during my suffering. "

L.M. (Personal Injury Client--Auto Accident) 

"When I first went into your office, I was in a lot of pain, but was afraid to get treatment because I did not have the resources and did not think that Walmart would compensate me because of the way they were treating me. You helped give me the confidence to believe in myself and to believe that I deserved to get treatment for my injuries. You were always there for me to answer any questions that I had throughout the process. Your staff was great and very helpful. I got better and was compensated just like you promised me. "

K.E. (Personal Injury Client--Premises Liability/Slip-and-Fall Incident)

"Awesome is what you are!!! Thanks again for all your hard work, dedication and caring. Your staff is great too, knowledgeable and caring as well. "

T.M. (Personal Injury Client--Premises Liability/Trip-and-Fall Incident) 

"Lien is a wonderful lawyer. She helped me settle my case and I wouldn't think of getting anyone else to represent me in the future. She is a caring hard worker who wouldn't settle anything but the best for you. When I needed someone to fight for me because of the car accident I was involved in, I didn't know what to do. After meeting with Lien, I was confident that my case was in very capable hands! I would go to her again no matter what. She made me realize that I was not alone through all the headaches and stress of insurance companies, hospital bills, and litigation. For that, Lien is outstanding and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks to Lien, I am now working towards a healthier me."

J.S. (Personal Injury Client--Auto Accident) 

"Thank you Lien and staff for all that you have done. We are forever grateful to you for the generosity of your heart, for your sincerity of care, for your integrity, for teaching us to trust you, and for the graciousness of your spirit. May you be blessed with the same in karmic inheritance."

R.L. (Personal Injury Client--Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Accident)

"I was very thankful for Lien's help in getting a settlement from my accident. Her advice was always very sound and she was there every step of the way answering questions and making time to set up medical help during the process. I know that if I tried to take on the case by myself, I would have lost big. Thanks again to Lien and her assistants."

S.H. (Personal Injury Client--Premises Liability)

"Hi Lien,

I have to give you 5 stars! I am impressed with the way you took care of my case. I am so thankful for all the hard work that you and your team have done for me."

L.D. (Personal Injury Client--Auto Accident)

"Dear Ms. Tram,

We were so glad and relieved that our friend introduced us to your law office. Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice you gave and for making it easy for us to understand what was going on with everything. We were very satisfied with the settlement check that we got. Thank you for your time to take care of us. You are a great lawyer."

P.K. and C.K. (Personal Injury Clients--Auto Accident)

"I just want to say thank you for everything. Your fees were reasonable and the service was excellent. You gave good advice and made it easy for me to understand everything. I cannot think of anything else that you could do better."

M.S. (Family Law Client)

"I'm very happy with the way you handled our case. I will recommend you without hesitation to anybody who needs a lawyer."

L.H. (Personal Injury Client--Auto Accident)

"You are a great lawyer. I did not have to worry about anything since I retained you. You really did take care of everything from A to Z. I was very surprised when I got the settlement check for more than I expected. Thank you for taking care of me."

C.L. (Personal Injury Client--Auto Accident)

"I was referred to Lien Tram by a friend after an auto accident I was involved in and after failed attempts to negotiate with the other party's insurance company.

Once Lien agreed to accept my case, I was immediately relieved, feeling I was in very capable hands. I was constantly kept appraised of case negotiation information by phone and mail. At the conclusion of the process, Lien had negotiated a fair and equitable settlement on my behalf.

Lien and her staff were extremely thorough, efficient and professional throughout the process. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Lien Tram to address your legal needs."

G.J. (Personal Injury Client--Auto Accident)

"Dear Ms. Tram,

I am so glad that my friend introduced me to your law office and am especially grateful for all the legal help that you provided during the past few months.

In a society where many attorneys charge exorbitant fees, I was so lucky to find a lawyer like you who was reasonable with fees and always available via phone or in person. I was especially impressed with your knowledge in family law as well as your flexibility in meeting your clients' needs.

I am truly appreciative of your willingness to listen to my problems, to help me out during those difficult times, and to drive from Carlsbad to Orange County to see me during many of our meetings because of my child care issues. Your responsiveness to my many phone calls, e-mails, and text messages really amazed me. You made me feel like I was talking to my sister or best friend instead of talking to a lawyer.

I will definitely seek your legal help in the future if there is a need and will definitely refer you to others who need a legal expert, especially in family law.

Once again, thank you very much for all the help and advice."

T.T.N. (Family Law Client)


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